Our Cambridge Restaurant Offers Outdoor Patio Seating for Both Lunch and Dinner. Join us Today!


It’s a Perfect Summer Day, Join us on our Patio!

Posted by: Bena - July 20, 2016

Enjoy the sun and breezes, eat a relaxing lunch and do some people watching. Our Cambridge restaurant offers outdoor patio seating for both lunch and dinner. Join us today!

Boston Restaurant will be closed for Brunch on July 3rd!

Posted by: Bena - July 2, 2016

We will be open for Dinner!  Come in and try our Rouleaux de thon cru aux épices Khmères Crispy spring roll w/ raw tuna, avocado, rice, sauce w/ Cambodian Spices & herbs. or a customer favorite… Khar Saiko Kroeung  PT Farm boneless beef short ribs braised in tamarind, ginger, chili pods & soy; w/ garlic