The Elephant Walk – A Short Story

Since 1991, The Elephant Walk has been family-owned and operated, serving award-winning Cambodian and French cooking. Bostonians from all neighborhoods can easily visit our three convenient locations in Boston and Cambridge.  Authentic Cambodian and French cuisines are direct reflections of the founders’ ethnic and cultural heritages.

The Elephant Walk has something for everyone, offering a bi-cultural menu with a broad range of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Our chefs strive to maintain healthy, nutritious and innovative menus. Award-winning wine lists perfectly complement our international dishes and enhance the overall dining experience.

Cooking classes:
Learn more about our culinary and cultural influences from the master chefs at The Elephant Walk Boston and Cambridge  Classes are taught year-round introducing a broad range of Cambodian, French, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free and Fusion cooking.

Corporate team-building, anniversaries, and birthday parties are a great excuse to enjoy a cooking class with our Executive Chefs. Founding Chef and Author of The Elephant Walk Cookbook, Longteine de Monteiro, also teaches classes that begin with an excursion into local markets to procure the essential ingredients for nutritious Cambodian cuisine.

A Remembrance of Kenthao de Monteiro, co-founder of The Elephant Walk

Our dear Kenthao passed away on February 25,2006. Kenthao had a very full and illustrious life in Cambodia, France, and several other countries, working as a diplomat, civil servant and also a restaurateur.

Kenthao earned a political science degree from the University of Toulouse and a law degree from the University of Paris. Upon his return to Cambodia, he worked as a law professor and journalist, before rising through the ranks of civil service. Kenthao held many positions in Cambodia: as a judge, a congressman, the Minister of Education, and as Vice President of the National Assembly. Subsequently he was appointed to diplomatic service in Yugoslavia, Egypt, the Philippines and Taiwan. When the Khmer Rouge took over his country in 1975, Kenthao was the Cambodian Ambassador to Taiwan. Among the many honors he received throughout his distinguished career, he was most proud of the one bestowed upon him by French President Charles de Gaulle: Commander of the French Legion of Honor.

Kenthao always had a strong and proud appreciation of his family’s roots.The de Monteiro family came to Cambodia from Portugal in the 1700’s. Kenthao’s grandfather, Kol de Monteiro, was a counselor to Cambodia’s King Norodom. His father, Pitou de Monteiro, served as special Counsel to the King and Minister of Justice and Education. Kenthao acquired his deep sense of devotion to his homeland from his ancestors and served his country with great distinction for many years.