The Winter French Countryrside Favorite – Cassoulet!

Posted by: Cambridge - December 5, 2013

This version of the traditional, French dish is from the town of Castelnaudary in Southern France, where Elephant Walk Owner/Chef Gérard Lopez grew up and learned to prepare this old family favorite,  is now being featured as a special in both our locations and will also be highlighted in an upcoming  cooking class.

Cassoulet is typical of the hearty, rustic cuisine of the Languedoc’s vast plain; the local poultry and sausages  are found in numerous local dishes, accompanied by plenty of garlic and tomato. The specialty is historically associated with three ancient cities—Toulouse, Castelnaudary, and Carcassonne—that lie along the tree-lined Canal du Midi, part of a longer waterway linking the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Traditionally, each of these towns has its own version of the dish, though it is generally acknowledged that cassoulet had its beginnings in Castelnaudary.


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