Boston Location Still Open

The Elephant Walk in Boston is still open and taking reservations.

The Elephant Walk in Boston was not owned by Gerard and is still open serving food and taking reservations.  Visit the Elephant Walk in Boston on Washington Street.

18 Years in Cambridge

After much soul-searching, and 19 years as proprietor and executive chef of the Elephant Walk Cambridge, I made the difficult decision to close my restaurant as of January 2, 2017.

I understand that some recent online sales of gift certificates were for 2016 holiday gifts and I have already emailed these customers.

A cooking class makes a great holiday gift

Check out this article in the Boston Globe about cooking classes for gifts this holiday season!




Light & Healthy Seafood Recipes, with Chef/Author Longteine “Nyep” De Monteiro

Cambodians are fond of seafood, fresh herbs and vegetables.  For this class, Nyep has selected some of her favorite delicious and healthy seafood recipes that you can easily recreate for your friends and family.

Nov 5th, Cambodian Curries Cooking Class! Not a simple powder mix…

While Cambodian curries with their complex flavors, mild heat and aromatic flavors are difficult to define precisely, what Cambodian Curry is NOT is a simple spice mix or powder.  Cambodian curries are always made from scratch from fresh herbs, spices and seeds.  Bright and aromatic Cambodian curries are quick to put together and provide delicious results!  Nyep will demonstrate the versatility of Cambodian fresh spice paste and then you will lean, first hand, how to make different delicious dishes using the mother paste.

Class will be held at The Elephant Walk in Cambridge with Chef/Author Longteine “Nyep” De Monteiro starting at 10:00 am and run for approximately 3 hours.  Ending with the class siting down to taste the fruits (or curry) of their labor!

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Gluten Free? Not just for Celiac’s!

Saturday, October 1st, Executive Chef Nadsa De Monteiro will be teaching an amazing cooking class that focuses on Gluten Free cuisine.

Cambodian cuisine is quintessentially gluten free as rice (not wheat) is its main foundation. This class will feature some delicious gluten free recipes that are easy and healthy.

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The Art of Making Spring Rolls, with Chef/Author Longteine “Nyep” De Monteiro

If you have had our spring rolls, you know there is nothing like them!  They are crispy, delicious and the dipping sauce is divine!

We are offering a cooking class on how to make our crispy delicious spring rolls or if you are familiar with our menu, “Rouleaux” those crispy Cambodian spring rolls filled with pork, peanut, noodles, carrot and onion; served with greens and herbs for wrapping and tuk trey for dipping

Saturday, September 24,

Class will be held at The Elephant Walk in Cambridge with Chef/Author Longteine “Nyep” De Monteiro starting at 10:00 am and run for approximately 3 hours.

Delicate, or hearty. Fresh, or fried.  Cambodians love spring rolls of all kinds, and for all occasions. Come learn with Nyep how to make a full range of the all-time-great finger food. Like all of our classes, this class especially is hands-on, with emphasis on how to roll a tight spring roll, and one that will not unravel! (And of course, dipping sauces are included.)

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Dine Out Boston, sitting outside on a Beautiful Day!

It is such a beautiful day!  You should be dining on our Patio, people watching, and eating an appetizer of Rouleaux!  Crunchy spring rolls on a sunny, breezy afternoon!  CAM Patio

Join us for Dine Out Boston August 14th – 27th

Dine Out Boston starts August 14th and goes through August 27th, make your reservation today!

A few entrees we will be serving…

Porc aux Piments Doux Shishito

Spicy pork tenderloin stir-fry with blistered shishito peppers, habanero, sesame oil, ginger, Asian basil, onion, aged soy, red bell pepper, scallion

Poulet Forestier

Seared bone in chicken breast in a creamy mushroom sauce garnished with sautéed potatoes in parsley and garlic and baby carrots.

Gratin de Quinoa aux Légumes (gluten free, vegan)

Hearty gratin of quinoa “risotto”, cauliflower, eggplant, zucchini, buttercup squash, onion, Gruyère cheese; garnished with tomato coulis and dressed greens

It’s a Perfect Summer Day, Join us on our Patio!

Cambridge patioEnjoy the sun and breezes, eat a relaxing lunch and do some people watching.

Our Cambridge restaurant offers outdoor patio seating for both lunch and dinner.

Join us today!