Our Cookbook

ew-cookbook-coverThe Book and Its Author
Longteine de Monteiro, founding chef of The Elephant Walk restaurants, published The Elephant Walk Cookbook in 1998 with the able assistance of writer Katherine Neustadt.

The Elephant Walk Cookbook is a celebration of Cambodia’s rich culinary arts. The book tells the story of Nyep’s improbable path to a career as a chef and cookbook author. and delves deeply into the rich history Cambodian food.

Nyep teaches 3-5 cooking classes each calendar quarter, with most recipes coming from her cookbook.

The Recipes
The Elephant Walk Cookbook includes the following sections:

Shopping for Cambodian Ingredients
Appetizers and Snacks
Fish and Shellfish
Rice and Noodles
Pickles and Relishes

There is also a comprehensive glossary to help demystify the many unfamiliar ingredients in Cambodian kitchen.